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How much is a fingerprint lock

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The lock is a line of defense to protect family property and personal safety. The most popular one on the market today is the fingerprint lock. Both in terms of security and convenience, it is very good, but how much is the fingerprint lock, and how to buy What should be paid attention to fingerprint lock, let the editor help you solve the problem below. How much is a fingerprint lock? There are various types, brands, and styles of fingerprint locks on the market. The price of fingerprint locks of different brands is very different, and the price, price and type of fingerprint locks of the same brand are different. There is a big difference, so when buying, you should still pay attention to purchase according to your economic ability and needs. The price of fingerprint locks on the market is generally around 3000 yuan to 7000 yuan. The price of fingerprint locks with better anti-theft functions and materials is naturally higher, so consumers should still pay attention. Do not buy fake and inferior in order to save a few dollars. The locks lay a hidden danger to the safety of the family.  
Precautions for fingerprint lock purchase   
1. Look at the fingerprint head   
     At present, there are two main methods of collection on the market, one is optics and the other is semiconductors. There is a big difference between their collection methods and prices. Optical fingerprint locks have an advantage in price, but they cannot be accurately distinguished from true or false. Fingerprints, and the recognition rate of dirty hands and shallow fingerprints is low, and semiconductors use the principles of capacitance, electric field, and pressure to collect fingerprints, which completely avoids the appearance of fake fingerprints.  
2. The material of the fingerprint lock   
     There are many materials for door locks, such as copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and iron. Each material has its own unique advantages. For example, copper has a strong comprehensiveness but is expensive; stainless steel has good stability, but Single color and style; Zinc alloy is more cost-effective, but expensive, etc. It is recommended that friends choose the appropriate product according to their own needs when choosing.  
3. Configuration of fingerprint lock   
     Judging from the relevant standards, any fingerprint lock must be equipped with an emergency keyhole, and the security level of the lock core will directly affect the security of the entire home. Therefore, when choosing a fingerprint lock, you cannot ignore the choice of the lock core. Many people often lose their way, forget to bring the key, fingerprint lock is very suitable for people now, not only high security, convenience is also very good, when buying fingerprint lock, you can refer to the above price, and fingerprint lock purchase Precautions.

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