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Is the fingerprint lock safe? Ten precautions for choosing a

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Is fingerprint lock safe   
1. Security, the only key that cannot be copied from a traditional mechanical lock is only a few minutes, and the key you want can be obtained at a very low cost. Fingerprints are unique features of the human body, and their complexity is sufficient to provide sufficient features for authentication; fingerprint locks have no need to worry about the keys being copied because fingerprints have unique and non-copyable advantages.  
2. Convenience, you don’t need to bring a key when you go out, and you don’t have to worry about losing the key when you leave the house, the housekeeper changes the key, and other troublesome “locks”. One’s fingerprint remains the same for life. Enter your fingerprint and use it for life. And one person can input fingerprints of different fingers. Touch to open, reverse to lock.  
3. Digital cracking. This situation often occurs in movies. It can be cracked by prying off the circuit board and turning on the handheld device. This situation also exists in China. It mainly depends on the design of the lock. The responsible manufacturer will use the design of the front and rear panel circuit separation. , The cost is relatively high, but even if you pry open the front panel, there is no way to crack, because the main digital circuit is behind. At present, only a few responsible manufacturers do this, because it will bring additional costs. The aforementioned Bida is designed with dual circuits.  
Top ten precautions for fingerprint lock purchase   
enterprise brand   
    The real fingerprint lock needs at least 5 years of precipitation, otherwise the quality of the product will not be guaranteed, and the after-sales service is also flawed.
Quality Certification   
     Generally, fingerprint locks with reliable quality must pass high-quality quality certification. 
patent certificate   
     An excellent fingerprint lock brand enterprise should have at least a number of patented technologies. Only by continuous research and development, and maintaining the most advanced technology in the industry, can we be superior.  
Full-proof design   
     As a high security smart lock, the fingerprint lock needs to have a 360° fully-protected patented design such as anti-theft, anti-riot, waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion, which can not only protect the home, but also protect yourself.  
Authoritative project approval   
     Reliable fingerprint lock brands are generally used in some national authoritative institutions, such as the well-known real estate, commercial, military, financial and other fields.  
Fingerprint recognition rate   
    Usually 1%-5% of people can't use fingerprint lock, or need multiple recognition to pass. If the fingerprint lock can be easily used by more than 98% of people, it is quite good.  
Close the door and lock   
    Many times when we close the door, we often forget to lock, especially the elderly or children, and if you don’t lock the door, it will leave hidden safety risks. So a good fingerprint lock needs to have this intimate function.  
Multiple opening methods   
    If the fingerprint lock fails to recognize or the battery is empty, it is undoubtedly more convenient to have multiple opening methods. RAMAX Normax has multiple opening methods such as induction magnetic card, smart password, fingerprint, remote control, etc., and has an emergency external power supply interface   
Data protection   
    A good fingerprint lock product should have the data protection function after power failure. If the power supply is replaced after the power supply is exhausted, all stored information will be lost, and the user cannot open the door, which will cause a lot of inconvenience.  
A good after-sales service   
    Excellent fingerprint lock brand enterprises must understand whether the fingerprint lock brand has a national after-sales service point, whether it is convenient for users to open a national unified free after-sales service hotline, and promises to provide 24 hours a solution to the problem.

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