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How much does a fingerprint lock cost?

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The price of each fingerprint lock in the market will change according to different brands and different styles, but how much does a fingerprint lock cost? There are many precautions for using a fingerprint lock. The following editors take you together Take a look.  
How much does a fingerprint lock cost   
Below 1,000 yuan:   
In addition to the accessories of traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint locks also have electronic devices such as chips, motors, fingerprint heads, etc., which are much more expensive than mechanical locks, and include complex installation (market general fingerprint lock installation cost 300 yuan) and after-sales maintenance, cost price It has exceeded one thousand. Don't listen to the self-help installation advertised on Taobao. It takes an hour or two for a professional master to install and debug a fingerprint lock. It is easy to hang on the door. Whether it can be debugged is a place to see the level. Therefore, most fingerprint locks within a thousand yuan can only be used as indoor door locks, and the anti-theft performance is poor.  
Around 1000-3000 yuan:   
Although the sparrow is small and has all the internal organs, they have all the basic functions of fingerprint locks, such as: fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, key unlocking, adding and deleting users, querying door opening records, virtual passwords, etc.  
However, the products in this level are uneven and require customers to carefully identify when purchasing. Although consumers are usually not very professional and do not understand other things, as an anti-theft door lock, the shell is good or not, showing the basic sincerity of a manufacturer, which is also the most easily identified place.  
Around 3000-5000 yuan:   
This is the price due to a high-quality fingerprint lock. Most of the products of well-known domestic brands are concentrated in this price segment. The "master" also told us that some locks cost more than 2,000, and things are still worth a penny! The fingerprint lock at this price point, the stability of the electronic part is significantly higher than 2000 The main differences between the following locks are function, style, and the recognition and durability of the fingerprint head.  
More than 5000 yuan:   
There are three types of locks in this price range. The first is the large panel fingerprint lock of the villa door or the all-copper fingerprint lock, the second is the imported fingerprint lock (excluding some fake imported, genuine domestic brands), and the third is: you Was slaughtered.  Precautions for use of fingerprint lock   When the door is locked, lift the door handle to perform [anti-lock], increasing the safety factor of the anti-theft door. For a thief, closing the door without locking means that the door is unlocked. Regardless of whether it is a mechanical office or a fingerprint lock, anti-locking door locks are a safety habit that must be developed.  
Priority to use [fingerprint] identification method to open the door, the current fingerprint identification method to open the door is currently the safest and most convenient way to open the door.  
It is recommended to use the [Virtual Password] when using the password to identify the door to avoid the door password being stolen by others   
The above is the price introduction of the fingerprint lock, and the precautions for using the fingerprint lock, I hope to help everyone

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