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How much does a fingerprint lock cost?

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Nowadays, fingerprint locks are more common in the market, but the price is different. So how much does a fingerprint lock cost, and how do you buy a fingerprint lock? Let me take a look. How much does a fingerprint lock cost? Fingerprint locks have different prices in the market, with highs and lows. The general price of fingerprint locks is between 2,000 and 5,000 yuan. Consumers need to compare the cost performance of products based on their needs and purchasing power. The general principle is to pay for every penny. Of course, the price of fingerprint locks is not as expensive as possible. When buying fingerprint locks, you should generally pay attention to "security, stability, versatility and intelligence". Fingerprint Lock Selection Guide 1. Look at the brand's establishment time, don't ask me why, a fingerprint lock company that can do more than ten years is basically worth choosing. You can also consider it for more than 5 years, be careful for 2 years, and be more than 10 years It’s all hard to force the company. It’s impossible to stick to it without two brushes. It’s basically new in 2 years. If you don’t know how deep the water is, you can come in. The tuition is not paid. Of course, if it is OEM, Regardless of him; 2. Look at the lock installation experts, don’t listen to the sales there, don’t worry about how much you know, you must pretend to be very understandable, and go directly to the key when buying. The above five indicators look first at the machinery, especially the lock It doesn’t matter if it’s a chip structure, it’s okay to remove the lock first, it’s okay not to dismantle it. Weigh the weight and feel the feel. It’s generally not too bad if it weighs more than 500 grams. When you ask the sales, what is the durability of this lock body? If you don’t understand it, use it very impatiently, it is the service life. If you dare to say more than 200,000 times, is it true that it can not be used badly for grandchildren? ?Don't buy it, deceive people, consider it 50,000 times, 100,000 times; 3. Look inside the panel, this is more like an expert, the general merchants have samples, if there is no sample, pro, quickly withdraw it, the strength is too bad, the sample allows He opened the backplane, if he couldn’t beat it, he wouldn’t choose it. It would be a few thousand pieces. It wouldn’t let you see the broken thing. If you let it, look at the wiring with a very professional eye, look at the material, and the circuit board. , Try it with a very relaxed and professional feel by hand, if the wire is heavy and the circuit board does not stick the hand, then the lock is not a big problem; 4. Look at the surface treatment, this work is technical work, of course, professional work There is no problem. There is a simple way to pick up the panel to see if there are bubbles, uneven surfaces or damaged areas. Nothing is okay. The method is very EASY. Holding the panel against the light will have a bright and dark dividing line , Adjust the position of the panel, and let this line move. The straighter and softer the line, it means that the surface treatment can't be worse. 5. Test the fingerprint recognition part and the electronic part, this part can first ask the sales, what is your rejection rate, what is your false recognition rate, how much memory, what MCU chip is used, is the fingerprint recognition module made in China, The general sales will be asked a face that is dumbfounded. At this time, if you record a few more fingerprints and use the fingerprints to open the lock a few times, he will not object, then it is good. If you put the fingerprint five times and do not recognize it once, you can Accept, exceed, it is estimated that the quality is not good, if you are away from home, if the recognition time is too fast, or too slow, don’t forget, generally 0.5-2 is fine, too slow. Not too fast; 6. Look at the service, remember that at least this year, the localization service is the best, online shopping is not impossible, and he emphasized whether the local agent does the service, if not, don’t buy it, otherwise don’t If something goes wrong, it will cause death. In addition, it should be noted that the current dealers except the e-commerce dare to do three years, and the others do not have a three-year warranty. If anyone dares to promise a three-year warranty or more, or The profits are super high, or they are scammers. You can refer to the above prices for buying fingerprint locks, and master the above buying methods, I hope to help 

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